Righty, here we go...

My first electric guitar (still have it, still use it) was a Marshall Rocket Deluxe (see: Marshall Rock Kit) which is a guitar pack, £200 altogether, with marshall amp, tuner, bag the whole shazzam, so the guitar was probably worth around £100-120,

My second guitar is a Gibson SG copy, (ignore my sig, my friend thought that putting the real guitars made me look better) aka Liberty SG, it cost me around £140 inc. the bag.

I have set my heart on a BC Rich Mockingbird ST - Slash Sig. as my next guitar, my parents can't help but wonder whether this is a big enough step from my cheapo copies to a real top model (BC Rich arn't great I know, but i'm not planning on spending a grand until my 4th) But I believe the Mockingbird ST will be an improvement from my £140> guitars, the list price of the Mockingbird ST is £485 whereas my local store has given me the deal of £393.

What do you guys think, where can I find some specifications of my current guitars?

Random Question: Where can I pick up some Slash 'style' licks, not licks directly from a solo, but in the same kinda style..?

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What you need more than anything else is a decent amp mate.

As far as slash licks goes, check these...

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I'm thinking of getting the Marshall Zakk Wylde mini stack..

thanks for the video
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