whats some good blues to learn pals!!
or ways to elarn proper finegrstyle blues!!
You can start off with Eric Clapton version of Hey Hey, it's easy to get, sounds good and helps for fingerpicking the blues (thas is if you don't have any experience.)
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You could check out some John Lee Hooker, like "Boom Boom" or "One burbon, one scotch, one beer". Those are fairly basic and, because they're John Lee Hooker songs, are automaticly the most bad-ass blues songs you'll ever play
yeah, i was gonna say "hey hey" too. good song. . i never really liked learning blues songs.. so i learned pectonic scales major and minor. and all those other excersizes. and now i only improv. So if i ever play blues. its my stuff. So just learn some scales and get comfortable with them and youll be making blues songs other people will want to learn.

Mississippi John Hurt helped me out alot on figerpicking technique. check out his songs. like "richland woman blues" and "Louis Collins" seriously check him out.

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