Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows what guitar i should get that plays all styles but still looks like a heavy metal guitar e.g Ibanez guitars, but the thing i want to know is a specific guitar. Im looking to pay around £400 so anyone got any ideas??? please reply if u have, Thanks.
Epiphone Les Paul...the Zakk Wylde models are really decent guitars and you can pick them up all day long on Ebay.
Ibanez S470
or any guitar with H-S-H config, but that ibanez is in your price range easily.clicky
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get a Les Paul.

les paul was a jazz guitarist.
As I Lay Dying use them.
then you have Jimmy Page and Peter Frampton
and then bands like AFI and Silverstien
and even Clapton for christs sake.

everyone and their grandma has one cause they are the most versatile guitar ever made.

but the guitar doesnt matter as much as the amp...
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olp luke! one of the most versatile guitarists around, so his signature guitar must be too!

i bought one myself as a knockabout guitar that could cover alot of bases for uni. awesome guitar for the money.
rg1570. pickup swap (with versatile pickups) down the line.

what amp do you have?

EDIT: if you can't stretch to that, washburn x50pro, or s320/470 (with pickup swap). some of those hamer imports are nice too.
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