Alright, I have two questions, one which concerns most of UG, and one which concerns my blogging.

1. Where is the line on pornography? As some of you may remember, there was a thread on album covers a while back, and people were posting everything from Cannibal Corpse covers to covers with naked children. Am I missing something? What happened to no gore or pornography? What I'm really asking is: What is acceptable, what is not?

Of course, there's straight up porn, you all know what that is, but about the cover of Nevermind by Nirvana? A naked baby, genitalia in full view? Can you make the rules regarding this more clear?

2. The question is kind of an odd one. I've been using the UG blogs as an artistic outlet when music has been unavailable to me, and I kind of wanted to do a "sensual" piece. You know the deal. Is this allowed, or would it be classified as "pornography?" Please, let me know so I don't screw up and get banned over it.

Thank you!
The line is pretty vague, it just depends on the mod and what kind of mood they're in, like a got a warning for 'posting a link to a porn site' which was neither a link nor to porn site, and yes, I'm still bitter...
It has to be related to guitar.

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Pm me or any other mod with whatever you want to put up in your blog beforehand.

Regarding the art/porn thing, the rules here are no genitalia or female nipples. Common sense has to be applied too though, and I would never consider even deleting a post just because it has Nevermind's cover art in it.

Gore I do not like being posted though.

Art is a funny one though, can't say I've ever seen it actually posted though, but I doubt I would ban someone for posting an arty shot just cause it has a bit of nipple in it.

Is UG really the best outlet for art like that anyway?

Hope that helps.
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Is UG really the best outlet for art like that anyway?

Yes, because it has a blogging system that none of my friends will see, unlike facebook.
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... Where is the line on pornography? ...

Did you actually think you would get a comprehensive, definitive answer on that???

Courts have struggled with this for DECADES. There is no "line". It is a wide swath of gray. Flirt with the region closer to the G rating and you'll be fine. The further away it goes, the more risk you take.

It's all about CONTEXT and INTERPRETATION. You can evaluate the context, but the interpretation lies on the viewer. Presenter beware.

And yeah, what Frenchy said.
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