ok, so theres a couple pedals by tech 21 im considering, but i cant find any where to try them out. the two in question are the boost D.L.A. and the boost R.V.B.. basicly they look like they would be pretty nice, and with the stuff ive heard about tech 21 im thinking they might be great. so basicly, does anyone have personal experience with either of them? know/heard good things about them? bad things? anything?

in a related thing, tech 21 has those power engine things. im thinking they might be nice for a stereo rig cause they have a power amp built in. so basicly im thinking that it could be used with something like:
guitar -> amp -> effects out -> pedals -> effects return -> rest of amp
                                       \-->power engine for stereo

but basicly, i dont know how good those things are or if it would work for that. so again, any experience with this?
the boost and delay is off the chain for solos and ambience. the boost and verb didnt rub me the same way. and im pretty sure the power engine is just your standard power amp, they just claim its completely transparent.

sucks though, they dont sell a lot of tech's stuff in most shops. youre gonna have to look a little.
im going to assume that off the chain is a good thing, right? basicly im looking for something for both solos and ambience so it being good for those two is a plus. i know there are a few tech 21 things at the GC near where i live, but they dont have these. which is very unfortunate.

anyone else have experience with these? or should i just buy it and tell everyone about it?