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Fallen Flesh

I've been stationed on the track between destiny and levity
Pondering and questioning the thought of reality
And why it never hurts the blind man when he stares at the sun
As if the layer of glaze clouding his pupils act as a pair of reflective sunglasses
I stare at the world through the breaks in the track
Folding the four corners of this catatonic dissonance
Figuring out faith is the last on my list
Life asks me many questions but I can't manufacture a response
And in all my enervation I barely have the energy to try
To gather my coherence to form a plausible thought
Come to think of it, my fears have taught me more than enough
But not enough that I've learned to trust
My memories are inanimate and gather dust
It's not so much that I can't remember
It's more that the tracks are folding
Leaving me to figure who's hand it is I should be holding.
Heaven or hell, faith or fear
Are these verbal wars I hear?
Do us all a favour, and sew your mouth shut
Because passports are in and train tracks are out.


Our thoughts became unraveled through calculated footfalls.
Still we masqueraded as a deception to portray our sanity,
though in the end we’re just lying through our teeth.
Yet we still cannot be certain of our existence,

for on graven tombstones us pawns aren't marked in name,
and in name we're only marked in fragile misconception.
Our sacred thoughts fought back to find a way out of oblivion,
before being forced out of existence, only cast away to be recalled.

With hopes of eradicating our numbers, and forcing upon us a correct path,
an untrodden route around, bound for the land of the living.
We parted ways, leaving trails of Gaillardia to know how far we came.
The trail was an inspiration but it became heartache.

My burning desire to reach the end of the route fueling my way forward,
I got lost in the movement, with my deceitful eyes playing tired games.
But I was one step closer to break the myth of deception and reality.
Wondering if that un-calculated thought was soon to be my downfall.

Nevertheless, although weak minded and bodied, our noble quest went on,
Our hands stirring both the future and the past.
Then I witnessed a miracle that inspired me to let go ...
and I never looked back.
It's funny to see how both turned out.
Drop another coin in the slot, and I will tell you more...
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