witch distortion pedal should i get

i have a fender strat
and a drive 200r amp
it sould be cheap
probably about $60 if possible, i play stuf from metallica to seether or ac/dc or whatever so i want a sound like master of puppets or something like that ans i had a danelectro black coffee distortion pedal and it sucked so what should i get

a ProCo Rat might do the job, but it might be a little too expensive. ac/dc wouldn't need so much gain, but metallica might need a push.
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umm pends.

i recommend anything by digitech. i LOVE my "hot head" and my friend's "metal master" is nice. but if you can work up $90 or so... get the digitech "distortion factory" it's like 9 of the more popular pedals (including the two i mentioned) combined into one modeling pedal.
Boss DS-1 or the Metal Zone. I Couldnt complain about either and you can get the Ds-1 for like $40 off musicians friend. The line 6 uber metal isnt half bad either.