I am thinking about buying a new guitar. I have an awful old Harmony and a nice new Epiphone, but I want something a bit more "out there". However, I have a budget of only about 450 bucks at the very most. I play grunge-ish stuff, leaning towards the heavy side. I detest Fenders and most Fender copies. (Please don't flame!) I'd love something wierd looking, preferably with Gibson style hardware (Tune-O-Matic). Thanks to anyone who can offer suggestions.
Weird looking? Hmm, well, at that budget I don't know what to tell ya, but the minimalist look of the RG2EX1 is pretty awesome...
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Those AXL guitars look pretty weird, and are in your price range, don't know how good they are though.
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Yeah...I forgot to add that whatever I get, I may replace the pups if they're humbuckers, since I have a nice set on my Epi. P90s are also good, since that's what I've got on my Harmony.
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dean dime-o-flage is $300 i think and it's pretty cool looking and with a pick up change it would sound good.
To the danelectros: YES!...I love quirky old guitars, why else would I own a 30 year old Harmony? I saw a danelectro a few weeks ago at the Premier Guitar Festival in Boston that I wanted to buy, but I didn't have enough money, a shame since it played well and was being offered for $80.