ive been enoying slide, and ive been playing in standard due to me being too lazy to figure out alternate tunings. I dont really want to change the tuning because I play everything else in standard. Cant you change tunings using a capo? If so, how do you know where to put it to change to _ tuning. I hope that made sense. Thanks for the help.

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Yes, but I don't know for sure. There should be some good faqs on the main site, but I know when you put the capo on, you treat the first fret after the capo as fret 1, and so on. Sorry, that's about the extent of my knowledge
The tuning itself, in regards to intervals between strings, stays the same. You're only changing pitch with a capo.
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Yep, you're only changing the pitch of the guitar overall, the tuning stays the same.

Try out some open tunings for slide, it works really well and is interesting to tinker with. I do a lot of standard and finger picking in open G too, some nice tunes were done that way and I've written one or two in open G too. If you're not trying some open tunings you're mieeing out, it's a different overall sound. You get different harmonics and overtones, even froma n acoustic. My acoustic stays in open G more that standard tuning these days.

Here are a few Open tunings to take a look at, I like open G best. (DGDGBD)
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