I was wondering about the difference in running my effects (actually only one at this point) through the effects loop on my amp (a Peavey Valveking 112) versus just running my guitar through the effect to the amp. So: guitar>overdrive>amp, or guitar>amp and overdrive on the built in loop.

Is either way inherently better? Or, because I can hear a difference in the sound, is it just personal taste? I don't really know much about effects, so any enlightenment is good.

generally you want to put modulation and timing effects, e.g. chorus, delay, etc., in the effects loop. ods, distortions, and others go straight into your amp's input.
though there really are no set "rules" about it.
excuse me for being a noob but whats an effects loop?
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Ah, ok. Thanks climhazzard, I'd never heard that before. I don't if it's because my amp's not that great, but I also get a _bunch_ of noise when I put the overdrive into the loop, so I won't be doing that. By the way: I love your sig.