I was at the music store the other day and they have this cool looking "effect processor." It has a bunch of little pedals on it (like 10) and a big wah-looking pedal on the side. Just from reading the display, the basic idea I got was that I could program different effects to the different pedals (chorus, distortion, flange -- whatever) and tweak the settings (so the one I set to distortion could make my guitar fuzzy or it could turn it into a screaming death metal machine) and then the wah pedal could be set to wah, or volume or tremolo or something.

So do I have the basic idea of this thing, or what? If I'm right, then these look pretty cool! Any recommendations, or at least what can I expect to pay for a good one?

(One had a loop station included, which is something I've been drooling over for a while (play my rhythm part, then solo over it? Kickass!))
sounds like you're talking about the POD xt Live, if you want it and have the cash, go for it
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What's this thing do? It makes you think you are getting a zillion wonderful pedals in one box, when in reality you are getting sterile digital sound you will grow to hate within six months. Buy some good analog stomp boxes.