I have been playing for a while and have decided to buy an OD pedal to help improve sustain and all that junk...I play anything from acdc to dethlok, and am looking for an OD to suit my needs!!!

Thanks UG users,
anything from clean/jazz to rock/acdc to dethlock/metal, and am heavily into such players as steve vai, buckethead, paul gilbert, and zakk wylde (I know theres a zakk wylde OD)... my budget is anywhere up to about 200 US, and im also in the process of looking into amp shopping and have discovered some laneys, carvins, and marshalls (the jcm 2000 combo).

If you're in the store, try out some different pedals with the amp you're looking to buy, to see which combination suits you best.
Often recommended OD's are the Tubescreamer (duh) and Fulltone OCD. I love my T-Rex, but I think they're hard to find in the US. It features both regular OD and a clean boost that can be operated with separate footswitches, and a blend knob for the OD signal. Really nice for versatility.
Fulltone OCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best od ever. seriously, its perfect for you
Buy the amp first, then decide if you need one.
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