Hey guys, I know I'm a bit of a newbie, but one thing I've noticed in the guitar-playing world is that there's a lot of hate against Squiers out there. Sure, a lot of non-serious players start on them because they're cheap and everyone wants a Strat. But a lot of people overlook the fact that they actually are pretty decent guitars. My first and only electric is a Squier Tele, and I've yet to find a Fender that beats it. My first and only bass is a P-Bass, and pretty much every bass I've played other than it is better, but that's not the point. It's time for Squier players (of which Regi Wooten is one) to stand up and be proud of their second-rate authorized Fender imitations! Squier pride!
I'm pretty sure there's already a Squier users thread...
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I got one...I like it. Great for the price. I'm gettin an Epi G400 soon tho. I won't forget my strat though...I DO have to keep fixing the amp cord jack...that gets old...
I have a White Squier Strat Affinity Series and I'm most likely going to buy a more expensive Squier Strat or Tele because compared to my Dad's $600 Epiphone Les Paul, I like mine more. Even he said that my $150 Strat got a better sound and he went and bought one. The LP's gatherin dust on its stand now. Anyway Squiers are a great value for the money and I can't wait to purchase my new one.
I love my Strat...but there are a lot of small imperfections...and I'd be more than happy to take that LP off your hands...I'll even do it for free.
Quote by zeppelinpage4
I'm pretty sure there's already a Squier users thread...

I did a search for one but I couldn't find one. If there is than I am truly sorry.
d00d squire is cr4p y0 get a bc r1ch for teh br00talz met4l t0nes!!1!!1!

just kidding

squier is good value. good beginner gear and good prices on better stuff.
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dood this is my thread. *reported*
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I believe you mean d00d...and is this like an Off-Topic? Let this one be man...it's not hurting anything...or link someone to it and we'll up it.
any news on how good the new killswitch squier is?
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i hate my squier body, but i love my neck. It feels so...nice...
Unpolished rosewood, and a nice thin, rounded back. Although the heel sucks dick, i can get over that, its the price you pay for getting a strat.
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Squires are good guitars to start out with, but once you start to get serious, unless you happen to find a golden child, I see no point in owning one. You'll occasionally find a good one, because it's not like they are manufactured to be crap, they just have really, really low quality control, which means there are a lot of bad ones, but a few good ones.


I got one of those squire strat packs where the amp, chord, and all that is included. It's decent, expcept sometimes the amp gets staticy on me, which is pretty annoying...
I got a addler squire strat i bought for 30 bucks. It works well for jimi covers. I hate having to bend up for a 22nd fret though. But yeah for the money i got it for. It's a sick guitar
My first guitar was a Squire Standard Strat.

Right now it has dents all over the fretboard from a BB gun... most of the strings are snapped and hanging off of the bridge... the bridge springs are rusty and make a horrid squeeking sound... all of the springs that hold the pickups in place are gone (don't ask why)... the cable jack is hanging by the wire... almost all of the screw holes have been dethreaded... the body is full of dents and scatches...

And yet I still refuse to get rid of it. I must admit, before I destroyed it, it was a pretty damn good guitar for a while. Action was pretty high for my taste, but it didn't sound too bad and it played okay (once I knew what any of that meant, of course).
I don't know why anyone would hate Squiers, they have helped many guitar players get started. They're cheap, but if you were around when I started playing you would have been overjoyed to have one. If you weren't around you may have no idea what kind of horrible junk a new player was forced to use.
Of course most owners like their Squier. Then when they get a better guitar they like it too. Just the learning curve. Squiers serve their purpose well.
Squiers are alright my acoustic is ok but for some reason squiers have massively high action.. Anyway i own a "Fender" Stratocaster so i don't need to justify myself sorry for being cocky lol.
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Personally, I hate Squiers. I mean, at least straight off the line. That's probably because I own an actual Strat. But, I mean you can change the pickups and bridge and all, but it still doesn't have the same feel as a Strat. Plus, The binding is a bit crap (nor is there a whole lot of sustain). What kind of disapointed me most about these guitars is that even on some of the maple fretboards, they bind another piece of maple to a maple neck... Either way, my opinion. (+Carvin, your's actually doesn't look half bad, but I can't truly judge 'til I've heard it). EDIT:+1 67_67 The pickups look fairly decent, but the picture's a bit fuzzy...
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Yeah, I have one. I don't think it's the worst thing ever, but I got the pack with an amp, so I need a new amp BAD.
I have one and it's not that bad... Sustain is close to nothing, though.

But I sometimes go to a studio to play with some friends and they have an old black HSS Squier that is badly beaten up... It sounds horrible, you can't bend more than 1 tone (impossible with that fretboard), the pickups are almost dead... ok, so I think a squier can be an 'ok' guitar if you treat it well. Mine is not one of the worse, but I can't wait til I get my Fender!
I have 3 squiers (Affinity strat, standard tele and custom tele) because i love the feel of the neck... i play them in summer a lot when its hot and sweaty, because the un-laquered necks don't tend to get as sticky as my other guitars.
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Squiers are pretty low quality
But I don't hate them because I wouldn't be where I am without it.

But I sold my Strat(and 15W amp) for $100
Then got my Cherry Red Epiphone G-400..
I like it alot more
forrestS, i have the same exact squier except with new tuners and some seymour duncans, it sounds real awsome. i will see if i can get some pics