I was looking at the Stratocaster, and I was wondering are they hard to tune, they kinda look like the Floyd rose.
not really. its just how well YOU tune them...


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if you just have a standard strat w/o locking tuners, then yes. but if you have locking tuners or some kind of locking trem then no
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Once you get it in tune a strat is not hard to keep in tune, the springs in the tremolo change as the string tension changes, so any string you change also make the others tend to go sharp or flat. If I take the strings all the way off mine it takes around 10 minutes to gradually retune it. After it's in tune, it only takes a couple of minutes and it's good to go.

Yes, using a standard vintage type floating Fender tremolo it will tend to go out of tune because the strings hang in the nut slots. You can minimize this by rubbing a #2 pencil in the nut slots and lubricating them with graphite. I still find it necessary now and then to pull the G and B strings up a little to get them to drop back in tune after I jump on the whammy bar a little, but it's really not that big a problem. The graphite makes a huge difference, keeping good strings with no rust on the guitar helps too. Old, corroded strings will hang in the nut slots much worse that newer, clean ones.

You can also get a device called a Tremsetter that helps by replacing the middle spring with a dual spring and positive stop, not perfect but it does help a lot too. If you don't use the tremolo at all you can lock the bridge down ala Clapton so it no longer moves, and eliminate most of the tuning problem it causes and still get the Strat sound and feel.

A locking bridge/nut system like a Floyd Rose should eliminate most of the tuning issues inherent in strats.
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^Floyd roses however have plenty of issues themselves... If you know what your doing with a standard strat trem and dont use it to do divebombs, generally you will be fine...
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