im 20
been playing for 4 1/2-5 years
mainly into rock
i dont scream and i dont do emo crap
my gear includes a schecter c-1 classic marshall avt 50 amp and various pedals.
i can do rythm
i can solo a lil but im getting better at it
i know a lot of music theory
i am able to songwrite to

i am mainly just looking for people to jam with when i am not in school.

if interested send me an email to joeyc1@ameritechl.net (please include refrence to this thread in subject, just so i dont think its spam)
anyone out there?

dont make me blow the world away alone with my soon to be getting midi workstation and my handy guitar.
Michigan sucks for making bands i guess cuz all you get is screaming bullcrap from this state.
just noticed your post dude im from Grand rapids and a 21 year old bass player looking to jam as well if you are interested let me know
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