I just spent 30 minutes writing a post and ITS GONE!!! AHHHHH!!!

But heres the highlights.

Building a studio
In the basement
14x24 Dimensions
Unfinished Basement
4x8 Insulation sheets
Need better acoustics?
And equiptment im buying
Mic: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/MAudio-MXL-990991-and-Audio-Buddy-Package?sku=703626

Pre-Amp: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ART-Tube-MP-Studio-Mic-Preamp?sku=180581.

Mixer: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Behringer-Eurorack-UB802-Mixer?sku=631238

And are filters neccassary?
For answers make a list of ALL OTHER stuff ill need, and what you think.
Oh, and sorry for shortness, I just spent 30 minutes writing a post for this for nothing. Im a little perturbed.
filters as in high-pass/low-pass type of stuff?

well you need a recording program, and the hardware... lol
You oughta dish out more on a Mixer than that if you're serious, and depending on what instruments you'll be recording you may need a more wide range of mic's at your disposal.

These guys can help you out more: http://recording.org/ --> Go to the "Home, Project Studios" forum
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I was talking about mic filters. lol

And i have Magix Music Maker 11. And a line 6 spider III. And The guitars are in my sig
srry about the double post

ill just be recording guitar bass and drums. and ill dish out more on a mixer. But anything about acoustics or soundproofing?
total soundproofing is really only possible with construction of the room. otherwise its just a crap-ton of insulative boards and spray-on insulation for small holes (believe me, you want ot seal all 'tiny' little holes)
you dont Need mic filters but they come in GREAT handy with vocals and possibly with drums, especially if youre using 'vocal' mics like an sm58 for drum micing.
definitely get at least two different types of mics. i think 2 sm58's and an EKG *forget model number* would be good. sm58's are technically for vocals but they just sound Good with just about everything.
it would probably be easier to just soundproof a small portion of that space for the control area so you can hear things clearer
and dont skimp on patch cables, they make a bigger impact than youd think.
if you want to make it a serious studio as well you'll want to have the room somewhat routed for the patch cables so you dont have a 20 foot mic cable going straight to the mixer, but a 5 foot cable from a mic on a stand to a jack on a wall that goes to a patch wall and then another short patch cable to the mixer.
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may i ask why you are buying a pre-amp when there's one included in the mic package you're buying? also you will probably want a better amp then that, not saying you have to get one really soon but just it should be the next thing to consider after you have the studio set up. Infact i think you should probably get a better mixer then that aswell.

also magix music maker is very good but ONLY IF YOUR COMPUTER CAN HANDLE IT!!!! There's nothing more annoying then having to edit or even do a whole good track again because it kept skipping.

Ps: no offence mate (they might just be old songs on your myspace anyway) but you really need to improve your performance as a band if you want good recordings. Also if your going to be recording acoustic drums you will want at least 3 mics (2 overhead, 1 for the kick) and a bigger mixer. Don't expect a good sounding studio on the cheap.

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Something like a POD or GT Pro. Your Spider isn't exactly the cream of the crop.
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Ya the songs are old. And I want the pre-amp because its more than likely gonna be better than the one in the package. And its recieved great reviews and i want to use it at my gigs. The mixer I will buy'll be different. Ill edit it right now. oh and heres the diagram of the room of my basement.