Who has been here before. Its pretty awesome. Ive found alot of new bands that i like from here. What you do is you type in a band name that you like, it makes a playlist, and gives you other bands that are like it and you have a little radio station of your own. Check it out. www.pandora.com
laaame. its still us only >.<
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Old, but nice. I've been using it since my ipod is broken, and the laptop with the music on it is broken.
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it's pretty sweet, great way to find new bands to listen to.
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yeah but you cant listen to the song you want. if you type a song you want in, it just immediately plays something similar. good for finding new stuff though.
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laaame. its still us only >.<

thats how everything should be

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i like last.fm better
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Yeah, last.fm is like Pandora but it has a lot more background info on the bands and I think you can listen to iTunes, winamp or whatever and it creates a station based off of what you listen there.