so simply put my guitar has a crappy sustain, and i want to know if there is any simple way to improve that.
thanks in advance
buy an overdrive pedal
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hmm...solid body guitars should have at least decent sustain. I'm pretty sure that there are pedals you can use to get better sustain, and not just overdrive or distortion pedals. Check on Musician's Friend and other sites to find out.
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Two simple ways are to get a new nut and raise your action, but if you're nut is bad now then a new nut might also raise your action. I just went to gc and was like wth I'll get a graphite nut for my cheap ibanez. I just stuck it in there and voila!! Freakin great sustain on bends and better sound overall. Now i gotta get a new nut for my g400.

Try adding some vibrato to the note if you haven't already, its the easiest way for more sustain.
Set it up properly, get new strings.

[edit] plug it into an amp
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is the tremolo system any good? i've heard if you block it off with a piece of brass it helps sustain.