some of my mates and i want to start a band but I've read in many threads that being in a band with friends is a bad idea because you risk breaking your friendship with them. wouldn't being in a band with friends be beneficial? i mean, you already know things like how they would respond to certain situations, and their strengths and weakness's. plus you would have a good idea of what sort of music you would play right from the start as you would know everyones influences without having to discuss them. i was just looking for the community's ideas on this. does taking the risk usually pay off?
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I think the best is to form your band with friends, the closer, and the more often you see them better. For example, all my band mates are in the same classroom as I am, so we see each other everyday and we are tight as hell. Luck with your band
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It depends. Being in a band is like being in a relationship, sometimes you get sick of each other and shout and there's the potential of losing the relationship and the friendship after. Being in a band with friends is no different than being in a band with a bunch of people you don't know. You still have to get your points and influences across without causing offence to any of the other members. Just go for it!
ok thanks for the input i will keep that in mind
Who decided that pie would be sold on Tuesday but not Wednesday?
I'm trying to start a band but I can't find a drummer. What would be the best way to find one?
It kinda depends. Most of my friends have crappy taste in music.... I couldn't be in a band with people I didn't really like though. The people in my prospective band are pretty cool, but we aren't close friends or anything.
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yea im having trouble finding a drummer too. we are trying to get into contact with one that we know of and have even tried talking one of my friends into learning. still, its one of the many fences to leap i spose.
Who decided that pie would be sold on Tuesday but not Wednesday?