so in your guys opinion when you go to an interview what do you usually say that you think will land you the job? i need some advice for me and a friend
just answer every question truthfully. It's also good to mention that you come on time and do what you're told.
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are you and the friend interviewing together? that's a bad idea, don't let the employer know you're friends. basically just try to come off as a genuine, nice, hardworking person. don't be a suck- up.
be confident, talk about ur strengths. dont say **** like "ya i think i'm kinda good at this" or something, say, "well i'm very experienced at blah blah blah", firm handshake, look'em in the eye, stuff like that. there isn't one or two things that u can say that will land you a job, it's the impression you make throughout the whole interview...just curious but wat job is it for?
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If you've had previous jobs that you didn't like, don't tell them that you didn't like the job. Don't complain about previous bosses.

Also, just be yourself. If it's obvious that you're pandering to the interviewer, they can be offended.
k first off u need to show your potential employer you are witty and intelligent- i suggest doing this by writing your resume in invisible ink (google to see how), and by handing your interviewer a lemon wedge as you sit down.

then you need to show confidence. i think one phrase will do this; simply say you're "bigger than jesus"

lastly, you want to show you arent a pushover. use comments like "dontcha worray bout'it" and "me and vinny will handle them bastad's", in response to rhetorical job emergency questions.

congrats on your new position
if you get the job, tell him that you will cut out his eyes if he doesn't let you play bass, drink beer and smoke dope all day
kill 'em a lot
don't be modest about anything, talk as if your the best at what your applying for.
Anything that implies that you have good work ethic.

Unless you don't have good work ethic. Then that would be lying.
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just answer every question truthfully. It's also good to mention that you come on time and do what you're told.

Yeah thats good if you are going for a position as a bdsm slave/hooker
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Interviewer-"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"

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Don't say doin your wife, don't say doin your wife, don't say doin your wife

Doin your.........son?
It's not only in what you say, it's in the way you say it and in the way you present yourself as the perfect candidate for that position. The job interview process is not that difficult, but if you take everything for granted, you won't get it right either.
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just answer every question truthfully. It's also good to mention that you come on time and do what you're told.

If you're being interviewed by this woman, yes it is.
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Its important to let the employer know what sets you apart from the competition, tell them what you bring to the company, and let them know if they hire you they will have a dependable, diligent, honest worker on their hands.

Of course dress for success, and be prepared, have copies of a resume on hand, as well as any information you would like to present, awards, certifications.
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Go through the interview in falsetto.
I don't even shred
start the interview by saying "hello, my name is xxxxxx and I'm narcoleptic" then pretend to be asleep for a few hours

If they ask "where do you see yourself in x years?" say one of the following

in your job
in your wife
going on a rampage and killing everyone in this place
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Interviewer: "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
You: "Celebrating the 5th year anniversary of you asking me that question!"

I: "Who should we call in an emergency?"
U: "The police. What would my pothead friends or alcoholic father do?"

I: "Nearest relative?"
U: "25 miles.""

etc. etc.
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"Damn i'm good. All those other people you interview? They don't have **** on me."

coincidentally damn im good also works for a CV
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Alternate between shrieks and whispers when answering questions. Also answer all questions only in the language of a crow.
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If you're being interviewed by this woman, yes it is.

Oh, I didn't need to see that.


In all seriousness, answer the questions truthfully. Don't go on for ages, but don't hold back. Body language is important, don't close up on the interviewer but don't slouch on the chair.
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