As the title implies, I'm in need of a new amp. But having no ideas in mind, I've come to UG for help.

I have a Les Paul Special II with a Super Distortion in the bridge (go ahead and laugh if you wish), but I'm going to get a Les Paul Standard sometime within the next few months.

As of now I have a Crate FTX30 30 watt and am looking for something different.

I usually play hard rock, metal(s), metalcore, punk, and the like

budget is not an issue, I'm just looking for ideas.

I'm not gigging as of yet. I don't like the tone quality of my Crate. I do like how it's relatively portable and not really heavy. I don't like the DSP on it since I think it's essentially useless to me now that I'm getting serious about my music and not just dicking around anymore.

if you need more specifics, lemme know.

thanks UG


edit: I take that back. Budget is an issue. I'm looking for something from $200-$350 USD

thanks again.
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Vox Valvetronix XL or Crate palomino with an OD. It's a tough choice because the Crate may not get quite enough gain but you might get slightly better tone. If you can save more, I suggest a used 5150 and second the used JCM800.
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