so ug, i'm looking for a halfstack, preferably 400$ US or below...i live in northwestern iowa, so there aren't really any guitar centers/shops around....but i really need to upgrade my amp. right now, i have a fender 15b bass amp...yeah....but does anyone know any types of halfs i could get for that price?

thanks for any help
You won't get any good replies here.

Go to the "Guitar Gear and Accesories Page"

or better yet go to the "Bass" section.

They'd help you out there.
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you can't really get any good halfstacks with 400 bucks man. You could get a marshall MG or a Crate or a Line 6, but they're **** too. save up and get a nice tube combo or a used JCM from ebay, IMO
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my friend got a crate for 399 from guitar center, it isnt too bad...

once youy understand good tone, you'll relise its ****
even Line Shit Spider III Half Stacks are more then $400.....

you'll have a better time looking for a good used combo.


for a DECENT half stack you'll be spending at least $700....but even then you'd want
pedals to make it sound better.
definately get the marshall MG half stack. Its so good. probably the best on the market.

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