everytime i play there is this annoying clicky sound when i pluck the strings. i play with 3 fingers and the clicky sound makes it sound like at 3/4 time rather than 4/4. idk how to explain it but how do i get rid of that noise?
i have a vintage modified squier jazz bass and a Behringer 15 watt amp if that helps

I have the same bass, but I'm not sure I know what you're talking about.
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Strings hitting the frets? Check your action (string height.)
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Probably strings hitting frets. If it's happening randomly, your picking technique is uneven. Soften your attack on the strings and practice plucking hand technique. As John Entwhistle said, let the amp do the work. You don't need to whale on them.

If you want to keep on with a heavy attack on the plucking hand, you'll want to raise your strings a little more. Playability may suffer a little but you'll get less noise.

Also a possibility is that it's uneven fretwork on the guitar itself, a messed up neck, etc, which are probably less likely but if none of the above work, see a guitar tech/repairs/setup/luthier guy about it.

For the record, I own a Squier VM Jazz, same as you, and have the strings set EXTREMELY low and would get a lot of clicking if I played hard. Trick is to hit soft. Hard if you're in a gig and really into it, but you've got to train your hand to get used to it.

Try using a noise gate of some kind too.
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as Caustic said, your simply playing to hard. my Hwy 1 will do the same thing, if a try to get louder by plucking harder. a noise gate will not help, as it is designed to eliminate background noise when your not playing, much like a noise cancelling mic.
if you must play hard, you gotta raise the action(strings). my action is also very low, and i have to work at not playing too hard.
its not the string clicking on the fretboard, its the noise u get in the background when u glide your finger over to make the sound. i dont pluck hard, even if it's soft, i stil get that noise.

i get the most out of that noise when im using both the 2 pickups at the same time
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i get the most out of that noise when im using both the 2 pickups at the same time

try playing with the bridge p-up volume slightly lower, than the neck p-up. if that doesn't help, it's probably a technique issue. is the noise created by your fret hand, or the plucking hand?
ok i tried it and

both pickups on: most clicking
neck on: second most clicking
bridge: least clicking

and im sure its the plucking that makes the clicking, not the fretting hand.
I get this sometimes too. Raise your action, use good/high tension strings, and try softening your playing. Worked for me.
plucking is more of an expression than an actual motion unless, your slapping and popping. if your pulling the strings away from the bass and releasing them, the strings will surley rebound inward toward the bass and hit the frets. that is a technique issue. you should be gently, pulling the strings up, and releasing, so their motion moves parallel to the frets. try that and see if that helps. if not, i would raise the strings, a few turns at a time, at the saddles, until the noise stops. i had to play with high action for many years, until i got the hang of playing with low action. this is very common for newer, self taught players. (like me).

Edit: the fact that the clicking is louder on the neck p-up, is a sure indication, that your strings are "fretting out". probably on the first few frets, nearest the p-ups.
maybe you need a slight truss rod adjustment, as well.
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again, its not the strings hitting on the frets, and i raised my action high enough so it wont hit the frets when i pluck.

the sound is kinda like the sound u get when u pick a note on the guitar, u know that little background clicky noise?
that is what hapens when i pluck, or even just glide my fingers to produce a sound.
Any way you can record this sound?
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if it's not fretting out, then it might be your amp. bass amps perform best at 75%, or less, than their max volume. after that the signal gets trashy and the speakers will rattle. if this is the problem, you need a bigger(more powerful) amp. you might consider taking your entire rig to the shop, and let somebody else hear it. your descriptions are a little vague, so it's hard to "pin-point" the cause.
try not picking so close to the bridge maybe? if you use three fingers and it hits every 3rd note then maybe the finger closest to the bridge is a little too close...but that's jsut a crazy guess.
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If it happens when you touch just touch the strings, it might be the grounding. I get a clicking kind of sound sometimes when I touch the strings on a bass I just finished making. It gets kind of annoying when I'm playing the E string open repeatedly, because I don't have any fingers on the strings to ground the electronics circuit.