crit for a crit as always

A thought that passes

There's a thought that always passes
An idea that always fades
you can see it with broken glasses
A simple break upon the waves
Its a something in a nowhere
Its a neither in a nor
its a right there in an anywhere
its a thing you're waiting for
But without a simple reason
wouldn't matter what I think
for your cries would go unheeded
It would push you to the brink.

You can't live life without a reason
can't go on without a cause
to commit such thoughtless treason
you'll hit the end right at a loss
sometimes it'd be better
if tears meant happiness
but tears cause only censure
jumbling life into a mess.

Why can't we all have a clean slate
from which to rewrite every wrong
a place to throw away all mistakes
a paper folder filled with prongs
That someplace where theres nowhere
a simple break upon the waves
where you can see with broken glasses
an idea that never fades
There's a thought that never passes
An idea thats there stay.
1966 rickenbacker fireglo 335
78' twin reverb (loud awesome tone)

practice makes practice... never perfect
i like this a lot actually. kinda wish i would've wrote it. there are a few lines that are kinda stumbly that might not make sense to the listener until after they had read the lyrics, for example: "Its a neither in a nor." try looking through a thesaurus to find a different way to get your point across.