I can't seem to get any good vibrato during a high bend. Like during a full bend, if I try to get any vibrato, the note will either die out, hit the string above it, or just sound like crap. My bending is okay as it is, as well as my vibrato, but combining high bends with vibrato (which is essential in blues) is something I want to master but can't seem to get right. Any advice?
just wait in time you will get my strength around that stuff
Hi tom
practice, practice and practice, just keep workin on it man it'll come...also, for those slow high bends make sure ur using more than one finger to bend. in other words, fret the note with ur middle finger and use ur index finger to help anchor and support it as u bend upwards, also as u practice it more u'll start using that index finger to cover the other strings so you don't ring out other notes
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i had the same problem last week. I just started doing vibrato upward on the 1st and 2nd strings now , and now its a lot easier for me to vibrato my bends now. now i just need to practice it for me to get good
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