Hey im looking to buy an external hard drive for recordin guitar, backing up my mp3 player, maybe some videos, etc. does anyone have any sudjestions? right now i only have a usb port, but id like to get something that also has a firewire port just in case i upgrade my comp. also, my budget's under $150.
What's a sudjestion?
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My western digital's pretty good, but its auto backup stuff isn't so great, so if you're looking for that kind of software, I think that others may be better. If you look hard enough you can find some 400 to 500 GB drives for under $150
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i like my western digital. probably the best brand for externals. i keep my recordings and recording programs on there. its a 250 gig.
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If you only have a USB1 port, recording or moving files of any significant size would be murder.
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