I was kind of surprised I couldn't find a thread on them... They're a progressive/technical metal band from Norway. They're kind of similar to Spiral Architect and Cynic. Also, they have ex-Spiral Architect member Kaj Gornitzka on guitar.

My favorite songs are probably The Thin Layers of Lust and Love, Enter Nothingness, and House of Nadir.

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Not too bad. The recording though, it just feels like there's something mising (not enogh treble, idfk)
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i think nebarskan is a cool guy, eh wears a nile and doesnt afraid of anything

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Yeah, I know what you mean. They bothered me at first too...

Adding Torrents to my favorite song list. I love the syncopation part at 3:30...
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Great find, sounds very similar to Behold the Arctopus, but with vocals.

Hm... I don't really see the similarity. I mean, they resemble a lot of jazzy/progressive metal bands, but for me, B...TA isn't one of them.