Right now I'm using a Schecter C-1 Classic and an Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom (lame, i know) as my main two instruments. My Epiphone is tuned 2 steps down to C and my Schecter is in standard tuning. Okay, here are my issues...

My Les Paul is tuned down to C but it was never set up for this (though I do have thicker strings on it) so it sounds like crap, gets wicked fret buzz, and I'm sure the intonation is totally screwed up. Very shortly I'm going to get new strings and I want to tune it back up to standard tuning. I need to know how exactly to set my intonation right, and eliminate the fretbuzz, plus anything else that might be necessary to do to make it sound nice and pretty again (when I tune it back up to standard).

Also, I'm going to put my Schecter 2 steps down into C and use it as my main instrument in my band. I need to know what exactly I need to do to keep from getting fret-buzz, set up my intonation, and anything else I may need to know to keep my guitar tone/feel in good shape.

all advice is greatly appreciated.

edit: I'm saving my money up for a Mesa/ Boogie Dual Rectifier, and have a girlfriend to tend to, so my budget doesn't exactly include the 80 bucks it'd take to get both of my guitars set-up professionally at the moment.
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fret buzz can be reduced by raising the action
another factor of fret buzzing may be how u have thick strings.

Expect some fret buzzing in low tuning.