so i got a really cheap mic that plugs into the mic slot on my pc. its really crappy and i just borrowed it from a friend to do a recording on one song, i already had audacity so i just opened audacity and plugged in the mic and hit record from microphone. when i talk it shows its picking up something but when i play it back it sounds like static or wind and air. anyone know whats up/
yeah thats the first thing i checked. and the mic is unmuted. Audacity picks up at least something from the mic but i dont know why it wont pick up everything. Maybe te mic is messed up, i borrowed it.
problem is you are using a computer mic which hardly even sound good for chat sessions........
get a better setup........you'll be happy you did later in life

if the meter is showing input he has it set correctly and the levels are all proper.
I say its the "really crappy" mic