ive been playing guitar for two days so you know im an expert lol. anyway, i cant seem to figure out how to play the f chord. i have 4 fingers and i have to hold down 6 strings?
is there some special fingering to all these impossible chords?
on the six string version of the f chord you barre (hold down the index finger across all the strings) the first fret. then use the rest of your fingers for the shape.
u have to put ur index finger over the first fret on all 6 strings, thats called barring them and the f chord is a barre chord unless u play it in a different way
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You should learn it as both an open and a barre chord. On the open F chord, your first finger will hold down the #1 and 2 string (high E and B). Try making the correct chord shape on the higher frets, say 12th. I know this doesn't make a F chord, but, the frets are closer there and this will help you to make the correct chord shape. As this gets easier, work your way back towards the first fret. Don't worry about it, most people have difficulty with the F chord. But don't cheat yourself by learning it only one way.