I'm thinking of springing for a Jazzmaster. I play a lot of stuff by Sonic Youth, Pavement, the Velvet Underground, and Television with some other bands thrown in for good measure.

My current amp is a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and I have a Big Muff for distortion purposes.

My budget is <$1500.
Jazzmaster sounds perfect to me. Hell, anything through a big muff would be fine. I do all the same stuff with an SG + Big Muff, but sometimes I lust for single coils. Maybe a Mustang to save some money? Pretty much any weird-shaped fender that's comfortable for you would be the best option.
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lespaul or telecaster?
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I'd personally use a Jaguar or a Telecaster.

Teles are great btw...i love mine!!!
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I think I should also add that I do a lot of noise/feedback.

Tele... They're not actually noisy, but since they have single coils they'll be easier to get feedback from.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.
i use my schecter c1 e/a for indie/alt stuff, with the piezo and the right pick-ups you can get pretty much any sound conceivable

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i see a lot of SGs used in alt. i dont know, maybe its just me. jazzmaster is amazing, so is a telecaster.

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tis my humble recommendation.
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Anything you want really. You may be able to find a played 1965 Mustang for that price.... be warned though they could be hit or miss from what I've heard, though that was not uncommon of guitars of that era. Jaguars, Telecasters, and Jagstangs come to mind too.
It seems like the telecaster has been the choice for Indie bands (well atleast in my area), and they sound great for that choice of music.
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