Can anyone help me out here? I'd like some advice on how to fix it, provided that I can without bringing it to a shop.

Okay, It was really lose, and I'm not sure what I did, but the bolt/washer fell off the input, which caused the actuall input itself to fall into the guitar. I can get it up out of it with the cable, but it just falls back in.

Advice? I won't be able to go the shop for a few days, and I love to play... it is urgent
Umm it should have 2 screws on it somewhere holding in the imput peice right? well if it does then just un screw them, take the nut that fell out, hold the imput itself in the hole, and screw the nut on.

DONT ever screw the nut on without takeing the Imput peice off, this could twist the wires inside and break them... Get what im saying lol?