whats some good hardware and/or program, relativly cheap, that allows me to record on the computer so i can layer my guitar tracks?
any help puh-lease
have you looked at usb interfaces. there's a behringer one for about $60.
it lets you record straight onto the computer.
i use acid 6.0 for my software. i downloaded it off of bittorrent. and that saved me like 400 bucks. its pretty sweet. i would go with something pretty good for ur hardware tho. i just use a 40 dollar cable that plugs into my usb drive from my 1/4" jack. quality sucks. my cousin uses a 150 dollar line 6 thing. his quality is way better on his profile. he is lbisthebestband on my profile's friends list if u want to look. you can really tell the diff between his quality and mine.
lets try the recording forum shall we? read the stickies and do search, there are lots of questions like this and you can find an answer pretty easily in that forum