My Vox V847 was working a while ago, but now when I turn it on, the sound starts breaking up and crackling and cutting in and out. Also, if I switch the cables that are connected (in the same spots, but with the cables switched), it doesn't work! Is it broken? What can I do if it is?
Well, both cables work fine when connected directly from the amp to the guitar, and I just recharged the battery (its a rechargeable 9volt battery). BTW, thanks for the help.
Plus they got more sweep than a crybaby shell
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u can take off that rubber stopper and get more sweep from a dunlop though. i dunno if vox has one of those.
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I thought they were the same too, but when I compared them the Vox's treadle is a bit different giving it more physical sweep
I had the same problem with the same wah pedal... i tried many things. changing the batter never helped. I thought there maybe could be some dirt in the input jack so i tried using some cleaner in it.. that also did not work. The problem would not go away so i just layed down and got a crybaby 535Q. works great and have no problems