the .01 is just so people will bid on them, im sure no matter the size of the guitar it'll be more than 1 penny
nah actually they're either all buy now or 1 minute left. i don't think it can go up that much
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Normally the $.01 stuff is from china and not even worth the penny.

Also check the shipping, it's probably like $99 if not more.
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Prolly just posted a bunch of them with reserves on them and they just didnt sell cause they're crappy

If you want an acoustic to learn on I'd recommend going for the decent $200 or so beginnner guitars, the really cheap $100 ones are hardly worth it, but it's hope to you.

Go to a guitar store and play all the ones in your price range until you find one that feels and sounds right to you.
I bought one of these a few months back, its not even worth a penny, i swear the thing is almost made out of cardboard, the pitchpipe that comes with it is probably worth more than the guitar.
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The mexican one is made by mexicans in mexico, the american one is made by mexicans in california

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