i currently have a line 6 spider 3 15w amp. i like it alot but i think im in need of something with better quality ive heard things about it like it doesnt sound as good as others because its modelling and it sucks with effects. so im going to save up and buy something better, an amp that will last me a while. i want something that will be good for small gigs and can handle effects well. i play mostly metal and rock so something capable of that would be nice but still effects capable. im in america so something i can buy HERE preferably at the guitar center so i can trade my old one in and it will be easier. my price range is anywhere from $300-$400 but if theres something cheaper my wallet will be happier
^ no its not....more like $999 new. RG50TC Used! =] other than that the Cube 60 would work

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

ive been looking on the guitar center site and the amps they have. i havnt tried any of them out paticularly but the Crate Flexwave FW120HS 120w 4x12 half stack looks nice. its $500 but im willing to go that high if need be. how is this amp is it worth a shot?
No, it isn't worth a shot. You could get a nice 30 watt valve combo instead, and it would be much better. What kind of music do you play?
Laney VC15 is pretty good if you aren't too heavy
Also palomino v16 and a distortion if you want to go heavier