heres a small question...in our profiles, theres a skills section where you get to record a "skill" and post it up...well i used sound recorder on my comp to record like a riff and post it up but it didn't aloud upload..i dont think it was because it was a large file but because it was a wrong type of file..anything i can do to convert into an acceptible format? or any other ideas?

hope this thread belongs here btw
its a bit of a pain on here.... if you want to upload, the song must be 44.1hz .mp3 file.

it actually says the specifics on the upload page.

if you recorded in sound recorder, it's likely you made a .wav file, which i doubt is acceptable on here and needs to be converted.

i downloaded some good converting software for .mp3 - .wav - .mp3 it is called wave@mp3 or wav@mp3 or something.

search it or pm me, i may be able to send you it.... although i cannot guarantee the result will be 44.1hz as the software i have can't change that.