Is this site actually any good? They have tons of equipment really cheap, so I'm not sure if it's legitimate or not. Anybody have stories to share?
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I played a used SX strat at a local music store.
They're comfy necks, good setup (well, the store set it up). It's better than squier in basically all ways. They even rival modern MIM fenders.
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I've only heard positive reviews. Besides, if it sucks, you've saved enough for better replacement parts. Anyone who likes to mod their guitars should check the site out.
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My friend bought a guitar from Rondo. I forget the model, but it's one of the best jazzboxes I've ever played. It's definitely legit.
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This sight greatly interests me. Such low prices for seemingly high quality gear...
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its a scam imo

Nope. Their instruments are respected everywhere as excellent quality, excellent value and their customer services guy (Kurt?) is quite simply the one of the most pleasant and understanding dudes I have ever had the pleasure of talking to.

Their basses are great, albeit rare over here in the UK, and the few Agile guitars I've played are insanely good. Their Les Paul copies flatten anything Epiphone offer, for generally half the price.
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its a scam imo

Can you stop posting useless **** all over the forums?

And it's perfectly fine. I love the Agile I got from the site.
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Can you stop posting useless **** all over the forums?

And it's perfectly fine. I love the Agile I got from the site.

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Hmmm. I'm not a big fan of SX's. They just seem to be poor quality to me.

EDIT: Just took a look at the other stuff they have apart from SX's. Some of it looks quite good. Shame they don't ship to Australia...
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