hey! I'm new to this site, so if I screw the thread up, sorry. anyway.
I recently got a RP-150 modeling guitar processor (kinda cheap, I know. but it works for what I'm doing) I was wondering if anyone knows of a site that gives specific settings for specific songs. (i.e. for Sweet Child Of Mine turn compression off, wah on where to adjust the wah, distortion on, where to set the distortion EQ settings. crap like that)

or if there's another thread on here kinda like that, please either give me a link or enough information to get there.
thanks a ton!
^that means it's not working for what you're doing... doesn't it?
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i believe there are a fair few sites out there that does that but their more for a specific type of multi fx sort of thing. u'll have to look around cuz i only use an amp and i get all my settings by ear
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nobody can tell you(or would be willing to take the time to write down) that information. Its different for every single pedal, amp, guitar, rig, etc. It takes time, but you have to fiddle with it yourself until you find a setting YOU like
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