Hey, so i found this song i wrote like a year ago that i forgot about so i might as well put it up here haha
sidenote: i wrote it when i was apparently having a bad day hahah
Starting to fall
I scream my heart out
But can’t make a sound
Then I wake up to this hell
And wished I’d hit the ground

Inside this cage
No light
No tunnel
Nothing but a single soul
Clawing at the walls
But can’t escape

No light
No hope
Just darkness
And the fight
The fight to be free
From the quiet of night

Things outside
Always seem perfect
No cage
No dark
All light

And misunderstanding
Of what life is like
In here…

In this prison
Set for one soul
With Shackles from the past
And bars blocking the future
In this hell
I call home…
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser aka Frederick
Epiphone G-310
Boss Metal Zone Distortion pedal
Crate GT1200H Head
Crate G412SL Half stack
and some strings,
and some picks of assorted sizes

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