So i pretty much know the difference betweeen a single rectifier and a dual rectifier. I want to get a pantera/avenged sevenfold/dragonfroce/trivium/three days grace sound outta the amp. Which should i go for. Im thinking the dual. I have a budget so the trpile is outta it. Im also getting a bran spanking new razorback with it too. So the distortion of the mesa dual will be good enough for the bands i listed? Also what would be a good cabinet, im thinking of a Marshall but i dont know which one to get. So if you could give your thoughts that would be great!

~Cheers Scotty
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I would actually recommend a Randall V2.

They have a menacing gain, and a good clean.

The Mesa F series, used Roadkings or Roadsters, Mark series would all be better choices than Rectos. Rectos are good for metal rhythm, and thats about all. Their clean channel is very bland, and their driven channels don't really allow you to solo very well.
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