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I would undo being lazy freshman year. It ****ed up all of high school and made me work hard to develop good habits. If it had to be a singular event, then I dunno...
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Yeah, I'd definitely use it.

What's the point of asking the question if there's no catch to using it? I'm sure 99/100 people here have at least one thing they'd like to do over.
I'd ****ing use it all the time. It'd be like

Me: *grabs boob*
Girl: Wtf asshole!
Me: Puts on robe and wizard hat...
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Knowing things without mistakes (because you reversed them) is a hell of a lot better than knowing things through mistakes.

I guess this falls under ignorance is bliss, but I don't know I'd probably make better decisions by knowing the previous outcome.
My God, I have dozens of things I'd want to use an "undo" button on.

So the answer is yes.

But, personally, I think this thread would've been a lot more interesting if you asked what people would use their undo button on. =/
I'd use it on my Deathbed and undo EVERYTHING. Then I'd re-live my life all over again, to see what changed.

Also, I'd prefer a quicksave feature in live. Before I have to make an importaqnt decisiona bout anything, quicksave. Then if it stuffs up, just load it back up.
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Hell no.

I'm fine with what I've done/who I am.

I don't regret anything, for better or for worse.
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only once? wtf? might as well not do it at all... until i kill a hooker. then i'll need it.
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Who the heck would say no??? I mean, you don't have to risk it on some huge life changing thing... You could just use it on some small mistake you made.
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I'd use it on my Deathbed and undo EVERYTHING. Then I'd re-live my life all over again, to see what changed.

Also, I'd prefer a quicksave feature in live. Before I have to make an importaqnt decisiona bout anything, quicksave. Then if it stuffs up, just load it back up.

THAT would be awesome.
right now i am thinking i would use it to redo today and not waste it on doing whatever stupid things i did today.

actually, no i am just regretting not having worked on my paper at all today.

i would hold onto it and save it for sometime i knew i was going to need it, eg a car accident.
That depends. If I was able to do it from the start, as in a little kid, I'd probably would have wasted it on like a bad test score or some stupid thing like that. If I had to wait until I got older then I'd see.

But it would be really hard to take back one thing. That one thing caused a chain reaction to where I was and If I took it back I would end up somewhere else. So as of now I wouldn't.
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Hell yes. I'd go bat**** crazy until I'm staring down the barrel of a police pistol, then BAM rewind with the winning powerball numbers. Then, I would be so much better than all of you. Still.
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i would regret skippng doing bad frreshman/sophmore year. Basically because i skipped school every day to look at porn/get high. Now i have learned to just do those things at night (aka now)
yeah, I'd probably opt to redo last weekend, only this time I'd have my eyes peeled for undercover cops.

Apparently peeing into the bushes is a misdemeanor...
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Well, here are some potential things I might use my one-time-only undo button on:

- I'd undo distancing myself from my best friend in seventh grade (aka, he was my best friend prior to that time). Distancing myself from him meant distancing myself from the only person with whom I share childhood memories. I've got other friends, it's all kind of shallow in that I haven't gone through childhood with them. Distancing myself from this friend also meant distancing myself from the clique that most of my fellow AP classmates were a part of. Very stupid on my behalf.

- I'd undo either one of two things regarding a certain girl: 1) Never getting to know her in the first place, or 2) Taking the initiative and telling her how I really felt, before she thought I was only interested in being friends *doh!*.

- I'd undo asking a certain girl to prom. I only intended one night of fun; she, on the other hand, got a bit too attached, and thus I had to cut ties from not only her, but her group of friends (many of whom I was friends with).

- I'd undo deciding not to join a sports team in high school. I'm pretty healthy compared to a lot of people, but it was still stupid for me to turn down an active lifestyle in favor of a sit-in-my-deskchair lifestyle of four years.

- I'd undo deciding not to talk with my second best friend (chronologically second). My God, why do I keep doing this?! We have a lot of wicked concert memories that we share, and we also experienced getting into new music in much the same manner, but now I'll never be able to talk to him about music anymore due to something stupid.

- I'd undo ever registering to UG. No offense, but I tend to get a bit obsessive about things, and UG has cost me hundreds of hours that could have been spent on academics or sleep. ><

- This is going to sound pretty treasonous, but I'd undo ever getting into music in the first place. Music's deepened my soul in so many ways, but it's been at the cost of my grades, my health, and my social life. And, to be honest, the more aware you are of life, the harder it is to cope with all the bullshit that goes on. Maybe it's just me, but the bliss of ignorance sounds much more enjoyable than the burden of wisdom. And I have gotten quite a bit of that from music.

- I'd undo slacking off and procrastinating in seventh grade. Man did that fuck me up. ><

- I'd undo typing this entire post. There goes 20 more minutes, down the drain! I shall never learn from my mistakes. -_-
I would use my undo button to undo all the times I used it. thus always having an undo button

unless undoing my undo button would result in never using my undo button

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I don't think I could use it cause eventually later on in life I'd do an even bigger screwup and I'd think back and wish I hadn't used up my ONE undo.

If I could use it more than once though, absolutely I would.
Quote by JC13
Knowing things without mistakes (because you reversed them) is a hell of a lot better than knowing things through mistakes.

but would you still know of these lessons if you pushed the button?

we are making this harder than it should be
I wouldn't use it, because I'd have a fear that changing even the smallest little detail in life could screw everything else up on an epic scale.
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At this point in time, I'd say yes.


Mine would be over stupid girl problems. I kiss too many of them.
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I wouldn't use it, because I'd have a fear that changing even the smallest little detail in life could screw everything else up on an epic scale.
Your life might be different, but it's not going to "screw" anything up. It's not like you can't exist anymore if you change one of your decisions or actions. You'll just get a different result. No need to think it's going to kill you or cause a world war.
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Probably to work harder in 7th and 8th grade, and not drop out in 9th..

But then again I'm happy right now and there would probably be so many changes I wouldn't like, so I say no.
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Life has a way of working itself out. However I did choose yes... but I would save it for something later in life. Something tragic... a lot of bad things may have happened up until this point in my life (ehh maybe even not a lot, but have been some I guess) but nothing I would look back on and call tragic. Using it on someone you care about would be wonderful.
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if i could have an undo button, i would go back and undo seeing goatse.
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Depends. If I went back with the knowledge I have now, I'd wait about 15-20 more years and then undo everything...of course, if I did go back with knowledge of what I had already done, then before I undid everything I would memorize stocks and make a fortune before turning 5.
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I'd Undo reading this thread LOLOL!
nah, i'd be too scared to undo something in the past as it may completely alter who i am now. Probably use it to murder someone
Oh dear god, I dont feel alive.
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Sadly I always imagine I do an undo button, and if something bad happens or I mess something up I'll automatically think of edit>Undo before realising this is actually real life.

But if I could use it once... I would undo how easily I went to the secondary school my parents made me go to. In truth I didn't want to go there, and I had in fact been given an invitation to a nearby all girl's school (not that I'd have gone to it) but my mother hadn't told me and thrown the letter away. But I was generally unhappy at that school, and I really think I'd be in a better social situation than I am now if I had gone to another.
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