Well i'd like to start learning some techniques to increase my playing speed,
could you me direct towards some lessons...

A few main techniques i wanna learn are...
Alternate Picking...(Or is this that important?)
And how to write a solo...

Favorite Artists/Bands
1.John Mayer
2.Smashing Pumpkins
For Alt picking practice 1234, the numbers being fret hand fingers. For 1 use down, 2 up, etc. then after you get decent, or proficient rather, make up more challenging variations fro Alt picking.
As for solo's, learn keys/scales and chord progressions and how those two relate. Or just learn solos and eventually you'll get it.
Using economy pickingreally speeds up your playing, if you can learn thatyour pretty much set in speed. Also learn some legato to build strength in your fingers and keep it smooth. Also tapping is good to learn and alot of fun if you do it right. good luck
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