For Sale

American Fender Jaguar 62' Reissue. Guitar works perfect and looks great. Just had the neck set-up so it is good to go. There is one small nick on the bottom of the body, but its not noticeable unless your looking for it. Includes original vintage case, fender strap, whammy bar, and owners manual. Asking $1000 for the Jag.

Marshall AVT50H head. Works great, looks like new! Asking $325

Mesa/Boogie Angle Cab. Works great, has a little bit of road rash but its built like a tank. One of the casters broke going over pot hole but they are detachable so I just leave them off. Not sure on the model, has 4 90W Black Shadow speakers. Asking $400

Email me at orange_eskimo@hotmail.com or give me a call at 636-751-5020. Im located in St. Louis area. Im willing to ship the guitar and head (buyers expense) but the cab must be picked up.

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