ok ill make it simple because ive posted about this hundreds of times and i dont want to be a pain

What ive got: JCM 900 4500 dual-reverb

Whats the problem: not enough gain (ive got the B lead channel on 20 gain at all times)

What i want: a PEDAL (not a rackmount or anything please unless you feel its absolutely necessary) that can achieve the same amazing crunchy high gain sound that i get from my amp already only more gain or in otherwords preamp

What i already got: the MXR doubleshot distortion; got it a couple days ago and although it isnt all that bad of a distortion and it sure as hell does the job of enough gain, it fizzes up the crunch that i really want and tends to sound just a little bit brownish and cheap so i know its not the right one that im looking for
ive also gotten the fulltone mosfet tube overdrive and that didnt s*** NO JOKE i literally noticed no difference when i turned it off and on besides the fact that it muddied up my sound so that aint it either

What i want to spend: im not cheap, so i can spend about 200 dollars if this will accomplish the job

another note: if you can give me a link to youtube or an audio clip showing it in action then you are a GOD

Suggestions, i'll take them all:
Try just an OD pedal in front of the amp for a bit more crunch. Something simple like the BOSS SD-1 will work. if that doesnt give you the gain you need then a new amp would be the next best shot, something with more on-board gain.
ya ive been thinking about going to guitar center and just abusing their return policy by buying 3 or 4 od pedals (one of them i was thinking about was the sd-1) and then returning all of the ones that i dont like but i was kinda hoping that by starting threads like this i would avoid that

getting a new amp is out of the question though because i really love this amp and i know that i can get exactly what i want without doing that. i mean the amp is everything i love it just lacks as far as gain goes for what i want

here ill give you an example of the type of crunchy high gain sound that i want
(this guys really good, using a JCM 900, nice amp, but he says its heavily modded)

and heres another good guitarist that has the same sound i want only hes using a modded JMP and hes got emgs
lol Yeah that first guy is really good. And he said he gutted that amp basically rebuilt it with his own circuitry design...

EMGs help a bunch with the JCM900s. I have one as well (model 4102). I hook it up to my Mesa cab and crank it all the way and damn, the louder it goes the more crunch it has. Plus the EMGs (81) make it sound really smooth.

How loud are you playing normally?

And if you have $200 and are looking for an OD pedal I would look over the $30 SD-1 and check out something like the Ibanez TS808 or some other Tubescreamer.
i'd get a clean booster. that would push ur preamp tubes to get a better tone. BBE Boosta Grande, or an MXR Micro Amp.
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^ Ive used the Sey-Dunc Pickup Booster with mine and it made it sound really hard and scratchy.

IMO, a sure way to get a thicker, crunchier, more distorted tone is a good OD.