Can probably do a couple hundred. Looking for something different from my electrics to add a bit more variety in my playing. I have been playing on and off for years, mosly electric.

So, nothing really fancy, just functional. Looking for something that will take steel strings, and maybe has pickups otherwise I can add one later.

So, what do you all suggest?
If your looking at or around $300 dollars look at this thread.
Yamaha's are a pretty solid performer in the budget/beginner sector. Alvarez makes some really good guitars (some good ones are mentioned in that thread, but i think its their guitars that are over $300 and under $1000 that really shine).
Takamine are pretty good throughout the price ranges. Washburns are apparently good, not sure never have tried one personally but they get a good rap.

Also, if your not in the USA Yamaha are stocked pretty much everywhere in the world at reasonable prices (compared to what people in the US pay) whereas Washburns and Takamines tend to be marked up quite a bit more and aren't as numerous. But I would be surprised if any guitar shop didnt stock a Yamaha of some description.