I was wondering if i could plug a microphone into my tube amp that i would, hopefully, use with my acoustic. Its a Fender Hot Rod Deville 410, and i was just wondering if it would work and if it would damage my amp.
yeah, im not going to run the mic through the amp unless i hear some clear evidence that it cant damage the amp.
There is no problem runnning a mic through a tube amp. Think about it, before solid state amps were invented there was only tube amp to run anything hrough.
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i guess thats true. thanks a lot for the help, i just didnt want to go rushing into something and destroying an expensive amp. If anybody else has anything else to add, i would appreciate it a lot.
I wouldnt turn it up very loud or itll scream back at ya lol. And dont point the mic at the speakers either!
yeah, it is a pretty loud amp, but i definitely got what i paid for. I love the damn thing.