I havent played guitar in almost two months due to school and work. So i sat down the other day and played my guitar for the first time in two months..i decided to film it to watch after. Its over a buckethead backing track that you can hardly hear, i got lost a lot two in my mind due to not playing. and my fingers were stiff as f***. critique the playing if youd like i never play anymore so im not really intending to impress anyone.

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Hey man, that was pretty cool. Great improvisation. I hear a few ringing notes every now and then that dont sound like they were supposed to be there, but other than that it was pretty damn good for not playing for over month. How long have you been playing?
I have been playing for i think.....6 or 7 years...im not even sure it was just one of those things you start as a kid because its cool im only 18 now i think i started when i was 13 or 14..i dont know honestly....I did lessons for a few years and then graudated out of that stuff. and really after lessons were over i quit playing unintentionally. Ya some of the notes were so bad ha there in the right key, just dont fit with the chord being played at all.