hey guys i just want to know if its good to get this 2 .

im looking for strokes , kings of leon sound!!
thanks for the help!! oo
and also need help about gettin a fender or a epiphone! i currently own a fender strat! but im in a band now so i need a good sound!

dude wait a ****ing minute, this is a forum not a chatroom.

Plus what amp are you using at the moment?
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y is a fender strat not a good sound?
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y is a fender strat not a good sound?

It depends what amp you are using, and try to not chat in tx tlk on here, it's quite annoying
The J&K will probably be much more flexible than the micro amp, because you'd be able to dial in two settings.
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The J&H is a nice pedal, TS-alike overdrive and a reasonably nice dist (although as with all distortions, sounds abit thin on its own) the OD and dist both together sounds great, real thick and chunky.

What amp do you have TS? a J&H or any pedal for that matter will get you the sound your looking for if youve got a crap SS amp, for them sort of tones you really need a tube.
sorry guys!!
im using a 60 w crate!
and a squire bullet fender!
but im buying diferent one this week!
soo any suggestions!
and the Q its not if wich one ist better!
its that if its convinenient to use both!
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