Hey guys, I'm considering getting a fender standard strat. The only problem is I love the tone and the feel, but I hate the colors they come in. How much would it cost to have one repainted? Is that even possible?
It's possible, but you will have to get a quote from someone who will do it for you, or just do it yourself.
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It would end up half the size once i got done sanding and painting it lol

lolol Maybe someone will come and tell you where they get theirs done. I've never gotten a paint job.
Warmoth sell replacement strat bodies, so for about $200-$400 extra you could get a sweet paintjob on the body, then plop all the strat electronics, neck and all into that body. Otherwise, get a quote from a local painter, or some other guitar-smart people.

But to repaint, you need to sand down first, so the replacement body would be more efficient (perhaps more expensive). That's just my guess though.
The luthiers supply place stewart macdonald sells a painted strat body for a little less than 200 bucks. Its a nice burst paint job you can get it with the standard pickguard or rear routed. Depending on what kind of paint job you want depends on how hard it is to do. You can rough up the old paint with some sand paper and spray paint it, easy but wont look like a factory job. If its just gonna be a solid color probably wouldnt be to bad. But if you want it to look like a factory job you should get somebody to do it. As the equipment would cost you. You can always try a body shop. I do my own painting buy already have the gun, compressor, etc.
if you take ur guitar apart (w/o killing it) you can do a new paint job urself really easily, just google it